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Google’s Medical Data App

April 9, 2018 – Google announced a partnership with the American Medical Association. This partnership aims to develop a new program that would allow for easier storage and access to medical data. Although not much else has yet been divulged, what we do know is... read more

Amendments to the ACA’s Insurance Policy Section this April

Amendments to the Affordable Care Act were rolled out just this week as promised last 28 February 2018. Since the new tax law in December eliminated the state requirement that everyone should be covered, the latest in a series of changes are considered by many to be a... read more

Overworked and Underpaid: The Reality of a Filipino Nurse

In 2016, former President Benigno Aquino III vetoed a proposed bill that could have potentially raised the monthly minimum wages of nurses from $153.82 to $480.58. House Bill Nos. 6411 and 2720 titled “An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Nursing Law towards Quality... read more

Instituting Telepsychiatry: The Telehealth Law

Mental Health issues are becoming more prevalent. As we try to move away from the corporate mess of things, we go back into the individual and his/her role in the company. Much of that delves into mental health and cognitive awareness. In response to this growing... read more

Nurse Practitioners that Perform Vasectomy

  Getting snipped would be the last item on most men’s bucket lists. The concept of getting surgery down there is a common practice. More men are opting for this method of birth control. While the practice of vasectomy developed in the 1950s, fish and animal... read more

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