What You Need To Know About Ransomware

Cyber attacks continue to threaten the security of businesses and organizations. One of the more detrimental types of attacks would be the infiltration of ransom malware or ransomware. As soon as ransomware infects  your system, it locks up your files and prevents you...

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Reasons for Delaying Retirement in Healthcare

Elderly doctors are considering retirement but find it difficult to step away from their practice. This hesitation is due to concerns like financial security or workplace frustration. It is tough to finally retire because they know their services are still needed....

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Should Medical Providers Hire Someone To Do The Billing?

Recent changes in insurance schemes and coverage are now making medical providers take on a new task in addition to their medical load — making sure they’re getting paid. Apart from the unpredictability of reimbursement schemes, medical providers still have to worry...

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Networking 101 for Doctors

Business networks are made up of direct and indirect relationships found in both social ties and economic connections. The more common example of a network is one based on business exchanges and limited to interactions directly concerning operations. A good general...

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Medicaid & Medicare: Are They Paying Our Doctors Enough?

We often see the medical industry as a lucrative arena. With the amount of money Americans spend for healthcare each year, it’s easy to conclude that our medical practitioners are fairing off quite well in terms of revenue. But are they? With the American government...

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