Billing Difficulties in the US Health System

Laws concerning healthcare are always a controversial topic. The legislature has ideally tailored these laws to the benefit of all parties involved, but they are not without their share of flaws. While some of these flaws are minor and may be addressed by smaller...

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Continuity Care: Stop Changing Doctors

A common trend for patients in healthcare practice is changing doctors when they are not happy with results or are not confident in their skills. This misconception has been going on for the longest time but new research today confirms that doctors were right all...

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The Dilemma of Family Doctors in Family Medicine

Physician training lends much to developing a steely resolve amidst life-and-death scenarios. In the face of their patients’ panic, physicians must be calm, in control, and decisive. However, keeping such a stoic image intact can prove to be more challenging when...

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Women Physicians and the Role of Social Media

An article by the New England Journal of Medicine published a study on the role that Social Media plays in having advanced women empowerment in the field of medicine. As technology advances, there are increasingly more ways to get visibility for and access to...

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Impacts of the Nursing Shortage in Europe Post-Brexit

When the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on 29 March 2017, multiple sectors were affected. That of the medical practice suffered no less. As of April 2018, only 46 nurses came to work in the United Kingdom, crashing by 96% in less than a year after the...

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