Medical Billing Service for Small and Medium-Sized Healthcare Practices

It is a must for healthcare providers like you to focus on providing quality care for your patients. We believe that stress over claims could shift your focus. Let us help you optimize your practice’s revenue performance through our medical billing service.

Having worked with medical practitioners, counselors, and other healthcare professionals make us understand the support you need. Our medical virtual assistants are supported by ICD-10 coders and US-based medical billers to help maintain a high level of accuracy when translating codes into a financial report. Our objective is to help you get proper reimbursement for all the services you perform.

The efficiency of a medical billing service provider is dependent on its knowledge and experience. We have piloted this service with some of our existing medical clients for us to gain a deeper understanding of the unique needs of each practice, developing a more complete service.

ICD-10 Ready

ICD-10 Ready




HIPAA Compliant

Allow us to take care of your practice while you take care of your patients. If you already have a medical biller on your team and you need assistance on billing report verification, we also offer a billing audit service. Drop us a line to know more about our medical billing services or give us a call at (919) 438-2735.