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Virtual Medical Assistant Profiles

Virtual Medical Assistant Profiles

Virtual Medical Assistant Profiles
MVA - Alexa Javellana

Alexa Javellana, R.N.

Manage and keep track of your inbound or outbound communication. Xilium virtual medical assistants make sure all appointments and schedules are on point to support your doctor-patient relationship.
MVA - Nicole Parra
Nicole Parra, R.N.
EMR Assistant
Capable of using Electronic Medical Records databases to transcribe and update records accurately. Xilium medical virtual assistants efficiently record patient information into the system.
MVA - Beverly Valencia

Beverly Valencia, R.N.

Admin Assistant
Organize and iron out the procedures that keep a business running. Xilium medical virtual assistants are efficient in managing tasks related to the administrative side of your practice.
MVA - Sheryl Mallorca

Sheryl Mallorca, R.N.

Legal Assistant
Knowledgeable in securing necessary legal and official documents. Medical virtual assistants are experienced to handle concerns such as Prior Authorization and Pre-Certification of insurance coverage or benefits.

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