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Support Services for Wellness Professionals

Support Services for Wellness Professionals

Xilium Health offers virtual office assistance to physical therapists and wellness practitioners. We recognize the value of helping people improve and restore mobility, physical function and quality of life. For this reason, we provide virtual assistant services from professionals that equally understand the importance of patient care and recovery—experienced registered nurses.

Let our well-trained medical VAs handle the administrative side of your private practice. While you complete your Continuing Education/Competency courses for license renewal, they will organize your calendar and schedule client appointments. Coding, billing and claims will be processed as you conduct one-on-one patient evaluations and treatment sessions. They will accurately update EHRs during or after the course of a rehabilitation or wellness program. All of these are accomplished with HIPAA compliance and a commitment to cost-effective quality service.

Further your physical therapy and wellness practice by leaving the administrative responsibilities to the capable hands of Xilium Health’s dedicated virtual medical assistants.

Virtual Medical Assistant Services We Offer

Virtual Medical Assistant Services We Offer

EMR/EHR Management
EMR Management

Xilium medical virtual assistants are experienced in maneuvering through EMR softwares like AthenaHealth, ZocDoc, and PracticeFusion. Our MVAs can also assist you with EMR migration if you need to change software, transfer records from paper to EMR, or if you’ll pursue a solo practice.

Virtual Medical Receptionist
Medical Receptionist

Xilium virtual assistants will field your patient calls and mark your calendar for appointments, so you can mark off these worries off your own checklist. Read More..

Medical Legal and Insurance
Legal & Insurance Assistance

Our virtual assistants are trained in summarizing medical legal cases to help professionals assess and build proof of patient’s long term disability for their insurance claims.

Insurance Verification
Insurance Verification

Our Virtual Medical Assistants are trained to obtain accurate and comprehensive information on patients’ eligibilities. They know how to determine the appropriate coverage of care to maximize reimbursement and minimize denials.

Medical Billing and Audit

Allow us to help you get proper reimbursement for all the services you perform. Our assistants are supported by ICD-10 certified coders and US-based medical billers. Learn more about our medical billing services by clicking here.

Administrative Support

Keeping up with the information that go through the clinic on a daily basis can be hassle for any health care professional who want to focus on the wellbeing of their patients. Xilium virtual assistants can bring efficiency to your business by or organizing the processes involved in your practice.

Prescription Refill
Prescription Refills

Our nurses are well-versed in processing prior authorization for prescription refills. They streamline processing by serving as links between the provider, the insurance, the pharmacy, and the patient.

Medical Coding
Medical Coding

Xilium virtual assistant are trained to review clinical statements so they can assign codes to the different services, procedures or treatments availed by a patient for billing accuracy.

We also offer other services, contact us now for more details.

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