Xilium Health

Outsource administrative tasks to a professional virtual medical assistant (VMA).
We provide office-managed RNs as remote assistants for healthcare professionals.
Customized plans for a full-time, part-time, or temporary assistant are available for
small practices and enterprise groups.


Medical Doctor

Virtual medical assistants supporting MDs of different specialties. Reception, billing and coding, EMR management, claims verification…



Remote services for nurse practitioners specializing in different areas. Prescription refills, patient scheduling, EMR management, accounting…


Nurse Practitioners

Our mental health virtual assistants provide administrative support to psychotherapists. Appointment scheduling, reception, bookkeeping…


Meet Our Virtual Medical Assistants


Irish Joy Millaro, RN

Aljane Noquilla, RN

Jovette Virgula, RN

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What You Need To Know About Ransomware

What You Need To Know About Ransomware

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Reasons for Delaying Retirement in Healthcare

Reasons for Delaying Retirement in Healthcare

Elderly doctors are considering retirement but find it difficult to step away from their practice. This hesitation is due to concerns like financial security or workplace frustration. It is tough to finally retire because they know their services are still needed....

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