The term “Xilium” is a truncation of the Latin word “auxilium,” which means “assistance” or “aid.” True to its word and more, Xilium as a company strives to provide excellent virtual assistant services through a higher degree of skills and unparalleled client service. Since its founding, the company has successfully worked with medical doctors, health care providers, entrepreneurs and more. Xilium’s workforce is composed of college-graduate professionals with years of experience in relevant fields and outsourcing.

Experience the Philippines’ World Class Health Professionals

“I am proud to say that, here at Xilium Health, we believe that delivering world class service to our clients is the best way to show our respect for their business. Our health assistants are licensed nurses in the Philippines who are well-experienced in providing patient care. Combined with our knowledge of the industry and  organizational discipline, expect reliability and commitment from our staff and management.”

Vanessa Estrella-Belleza
CEO and President

Through the Years

Xiliums History infographic timeline
Xiliums History infographic timeline

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