We extensively observe HIPAA in all aspects of work. To meet these standards, VAs undergo thorough training on classifying sensitive information and the proper procedures needed in handling them. Guidance continues throughout employees’ tenure so that they stay updated with developments concerning PHI. Designated HIPAA officers work closely with IT personnel in troubleshooting and addressing interrelated concerns such as data security compliance. There are multiple IT personnel available during all hours at the office.

PHI protection continues with the establishment of Voice Over Internet Protocols. Our eight years’ experience in the industry make us familiar with multiple types of EMRs. Clients are free to choose their HIPAA compliant EMRs and we adapt to their preferences.

We have fiber optic internet provided by two different internet service providers for redundancy, speed, and stability. Physical servers and physical storage are prohibited in our operations. Instead, cloud storage systems via G-Suite encrypts all traffic between Xilium staff and storage points. Limited vendor usage policies disallow unregistered and unverified software in company equipment. All hardware in the Philippines are shipped from our US headquarters and abide by company qualifications.

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