Our clients in Texas experienced winter’s brutal force this year. Known for its usually sunny winter season, the state experienced the winter that was out of the ordinary. It’s been decades since the last snowstorm in the state, so many weren’t able to prepare for the extreme weather condition made worse by the extended power outage. This forced many of our clients in the area to close their clinics and turn to virtual alternatives whenever possible.

Keeping clinic lines open is vital at times like this. Phone lines will be abuzz with patients needing to be checked, informed of the clinic operations, and given alternatives to in-person visits. The remote staff also carries on back-office tasks even when there are no face-to-face transactions. Not having a completely localized staff has its advantage.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHw_qbsgPQ4

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Abigail Sabido

Abigail is a senior writer in Xilium. Before joining the company, she worked as a content creator for online startups and has written about current events, health, lifestyle, and entertainment for US-based online news portals and lifestyle blog sites.
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