When Hurricane Laura ravaged the United States back in late August, nearly 900,000 homes and businesses lost power. A Louisiana-based client’s clinic got badly hit by the Category 4 storm. For two weeks they relied on us to keep their RPM up and running until they resumed operations. We’re glad to partner with our clients and be their back-up when they had to close temporarily.

Incidents like this can either render practices unproductive or stall their operations. Not having a completely localized staff has its advantages, like keeping the phone lines open when the US office must shut down. The VMA working off-shore can take over the tasks preventing workflow disruptions. On our end, we strive to keep up with the demands of the job since a VMA is crucial to the day to day operations of the clinic or health facility.

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Abigail Sabido

Abigail is a senior writer in Xilium. Before joining the company, she worked as a content creator for online startups and has written about current events, health, lifestyle, and entertainment for US-based online news portals and lifestyle blog sites.
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