Open Enrollment begins on November 1st of this year. Selecting new providers is a technical procedure that many people consider difficult and troublesome. They’ll often go to doctors to ask for advice on which plans make the most out of their money.

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It’s important to know how to answer this vital question.

1.   Discuss the plan they currently have

Whether the person has been with a provider for a long time or not, doctors should begin by refreshing them on the details of their subscription. This helps them recall details as well as clarify some parts which they may not have understood. Likewise, it helps doctors clarify facets of the plan which they may have misappreciated.

2.   Ask what they find lacking in their current plan

Open Enrollment serves as a chance to avail of a better insurance plan – but it doesn’t amount to much if people are unaware of what they dislike about their plan. It’s important to identify the unwanted facets of their subscription for them to be able to find a better one. Patients may even realize that they don’t want to change plans at all.

3.   Ask what they want in a plan

After identifying the faults, talk about the ideal plan. This discussion can range from the types of coverage, to the amounts deductible, to identifying doctors who are in-network. All of these have to be in proper detail to help in the decision making process.

4.   Advise personal research

Finally, it’s worth noting that while doctors can give suggestions, it is considered unethical to tell patients which plans to opt for. If asked a question so bluntly, the best response is to advise patients to do research on their own. Do not give biased or self-serving information that would compromise their choice of insurance.

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Rey Palmares

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